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    SPOTLIGHT: Incredible Graphite Illustrations by Monica Lee

    Malaysian artist Monica Lee draws amazingly photo-realistic images with graphite pencils.

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    State Champs
    Pomona, June 20th
    Warped Tour 2014

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    i want to talk to you but im ugly

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    The future is now

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    Joyce Manor
    Never Hungover Again

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    Quicksand/The Story So Far.

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    Here’s me (in Florida a few weeks ago, miss it)


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    Old Gray | Vulcan Death Grip

    You said that everything would be okay
    that we could settle down in a house by the river.
    Well, look at us now.
    I don’t know where I am
    and I don’t know where I will go.
    Maybe someday you will love me
    but I don’t think that I can wait.

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